Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wonderopolis is WONDERful Science HW

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We just started our life science unit, and I wanted the students to learn about food chains and most important some key vocabulary.  Every Wednesday, we do WONDER homework and last week's homework was fantastic.  The students continued to focus on writing STRONG comments and had a choice to leave a comment or complete the Still Wondering activity. 19 out of 23 students left a comment, and the comments were excellent but more important the transfer into our class the next few days was HUGE!!!

I value wonderopolis for many reasons but one of the most important parts is the integration of school and home.  I am focused on extending the school day allowing my students to integrate 21 Century skills with my science curriculum. Also the connection between the parents and the students and their discussions at home are so important to my students as learners.  In addition to have instant feedback is such a positive experience for the students as well as me.

In addition I am excited for the different learners in my classroom.  I have had the opportunity to learn about my students.  I am so pleased with Harshitha's comments because she is working on learning English. Her family just moved to the United States 5 months, and she is helping her parents also with learning English through Wonderopolis.  How exciting :)

Next is a comment that reinforces the connection with the wonder and a conversation with her mom about horses.  Connecting learning with a student's life is a so important!

Next the connection with our Word Study (WS) and integrating new vocabulary into all writing..

Finally, the highest level of learning the transfer of learning to someone else or better yet to another life experience.  Read this comment and see how the learning transferred.

If you haven't used Wonderopolis for HW I would encourage you to try it-it is WONDERful!!

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  1. What a great idea. Many of my kids are going to Wonderopolis at home on their own, but I never thought about assigning it for homework. We love Wonderopolis in our room!! I love that the kids are so excited about learning new things. It sparks many discussions in our classroom each and every day!