Saturday, April 14, 2012

Thinking in Wonder

In the middle of beach.
Ever since I joined the NCFL team, I think in wonder.  I am pleased to say that I do notice life differently. My family might say that I notice some unique elements, and I occasionally agree with them. But at least I am wondering and noticing. This happened to me on our trip to San Diego, I started to observe the trees.  I live in OH and to be totally honest our trees are nothing to blog about except for the first 2-3 weeks of Spring which is where we are right now.  OH trees are beautiful with all the blossoms.  The other time our trees are beautiful are at the end of fall when the leaves are changing, and they paint a beautiful sunset just looking at the wide variety of colors. Getting back to sunny, beautiful San Diego where the weather is typically 75 degrees with no bugs and no humidity.  Yes I would live there if I could move our  22 acres of heaven that we have here in OH.  As I said in the opening I noticed the trees, and I started taking pictures even though Tom and Bill kept saying, "Why?"  Here are my pictures of some of the unique trees.  My hope would be that you might start to think in wonder after reading this post.

When I was younger, I would have climbed all the way to the top!

Have you ever seen this many roots above ground? They stretched on forever!
Perfect lollypop tree!
Just wondering what is the purpose of the big knot at the top of this palm tree? I think this would be a perfect wonder at Wonderopolis


  1. What beautiful photographs and trees! Not only do I now wonder about them...imagine the stories they have to tell! Thanks for sharing :) Doesn't life always go back to Shel Silverstein's The Giving Tree???? :)

    PS...Make sure you save those photos! At the beginning of the year I make a powerpoint of amazing photographs to get the wonder juices flowing! Those photos would be great!

  2. Tracy, You're SUPER smart what a fun idea to start the year with wonder photos! Never thought of that!! LOVE LOVE that idea! Thanks for your comment!!!

  3. You are kind...the idea developed from a team I coached last year :) Here is a the photo with no talking and write your wonders, give a fact and write more wonders...then share! Great lesson on how our own experiences draw different wonder and curiosity and how that changes the level of your wondering. Appreciate the "known to new" learning!

  4. This is a whole blog post that I will co author with you-giving you total credit! What a grand idea that is why I LOVE virtual PD!!

  5. Now if we could just come up with an idea that would make us millions! :) I am always in and would share the credit :)

  6. First - those trees are awesome.
    Second - thanks for letting me listen in to the conversation with Tracy (I hope you don't mind!). You folks are so creative, always thinking of ways to make learning interesting.

  7. Comments are always the best part of the blog post to me because there is where my virtual PD begins!

  8. I love "Thinking in Wonder."