Friday, August 31, 2012

OLW: August Reflection

A few weeks ago I had a once in a life opportunity. With my friend, Kathy, we were able to go to the Columbus Zoo and personally meet two 8 week old tiger cubs.  We were able to go inside their play area and  hold them and play with them.  The entire time I was in awe of the experience, and I couldn't believe that I was holding this cub.  It was so exciting to have this opportunity, and I am very thankful to Suzi for allowing me this privilege.

As I reflect on this opportunity and have almost completed my first week of school with my new students. I realize even more the  important words that Ruth told us at the All Write Consortium this summer: "Everyone has a story."  As I meet my students and have a chance to talk to them,  I am listening differently this year.  We  have completed several  get to know you activities that take time.  I realize how important these early conversations are to building community. There was a part of me that wanted to rush those first few days so we could jump in to academics. There was a part that felt like  I needed to follow the crowd of teachers who already started their diagnostics in math & reading.  But this year I slowed down, I took the time to ask those important questions.  I am excited about this school year because I chose to start slowly, and I am remembering "Everyone has a story."  Enjoy your first few weeks of school!


  1. WOW!!! I am so jealous! What a magical experience! I thought the chipmunk eating out of my hand on the deck each night was cool....2 baby tigers!!!! Wow!

  2. What a great post! And congratulations for getting the year off to a start that reflected what was important to YOU! We begin on Wednesday...can't wait!!:)

  3. Truly an amazing opportunity Andrea I can't wait to share about my experience with my class. "Everyone has a story." This will be my summer story.

    Best of luck Tara on Wednesday-will be thinking about you and your new students!

  4. So jealous!

    And as for listening -- I'm looking forward to a more normal pace in my day so I can sit beside each child and listen.