Friday, August 17, 2012

Poetry Friday: Don't Forget These Titles

I have pulled my first 5 Poetry Books to share with my class when we I introduce Poetry Friday next week.  I am so excited to look through them and reread my all time favorite poems.  I will sticky note one in each book, so I can hook my students. My favorite poem title is under each book.  I will then send them out in groups of 5 to share the book and tab their own. We will end our first Poetry Friday with sharing their favorite choices.  Have a great start to your 2012-2013 Poetry Friday celebrations. And remember Poetry Friday is delicious!

The Drinking Fountain

Wonder Through the Pages


I Met a Dragon Face to Face

Calling All Readers
Thanks to Mary Lee for hosting this week's poetry Friday with a snickerdoodle roundup @ A Year of Reading


  1. Great list! I'm going to get on Amazon right now and pick up a few of these titles. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Maria. Thanks for the book/poem recommendations. Great that you're introducing Poetry Friday to your classroom.

    Love your blog theme, too. I'm a software product manager by day so I always enjoy seeing how people in the kidlitosphere are using and talking about technology.


  3. It's so fun to hear that so many teachers incorporate Poetry Friday into their school weeks. I would have been in heaven as a young student if I had had a teacher like you! Good luck with the start of school this year...

  4. Shame on me! I've picked out all of the first PICTURE books, but I haven't picked any first POETRY books!!

    Job one for tomorrow.

  5. I am the book caught my attention. will look for it. Thanks for sharing these wonderful books