Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wonder Chats 2012-2013 Schedule

I write often about my professional growth via twitter, blogging and workshops that I attend.  This year I have been honored to be a Wonder Lead for NCFL and working with increasing the power of Wonderopolis.  My colleague wonder lead Barbara has organized Wonder Chats for 2012-2013 school year.  I will be co-hosting the next #wonderchat on Monday, October 1 from 8-9 pm. Please plan on joining us and even if you don't tweet feel free to be a silent follower that is how I learned about twitter. Secret be known I followed secretly for at least a year before my first tweet. 

October 1st - Using Wonderopolis and wondering to extend learning at home (making the home-school connection).  Barbara and I will co-host this chat.

November 5th - Using Wonderopolis with the Common Core State Standards.  The discussion will focus on how Wonderopolis can be used to help implement and meet the CCSS.

December 3rd - Using Wonderopolis and wondering in a secondary classroom.  Paul Hankins will be a guest host.

January 7th - Using Wonderopolis as a mentor text and sharing other books that encourage wondering.

February 4th - Using Wonderopolis to as a tool to help boost vocabulary development.

March 4th - Using Wonderopolis and wondering as ago inspire/encourage/engage students in inquiry and research.

April 1st - Using Wonderopolis and wondering as a spring board for writing.  An emphasis for this chat will be on poetry, since April is National Poetry Month.  Amy Ludwig VanDerwater from The Poem Farm

May 6th - Wonder Jars - We will be discussing ideas for making and using them in and out of the classroom.

June 3rd - Using Wonderopolis and Wonder to engage and continue student learning over the summer.

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  1. I'll have to listen in....Twitter intimidates me, it all seems so rapid fire! But this sounds like a must be part of discussion!