Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Golf Courses in Math

We just completed our Geometry Unit, and I am constantly searching for activities that enrich and that are not just paper/pencil. It is my goal for each math unit this year to find an activity that extends as well as allows students to apply the new math concepts.  I was at a total loss until #5thchat a few weeks ago about math.  I read a tweet about building a miniature golf course.  I wish I could give credit because I totally borrowed this idea.  Thanks to all my #5thchat friends!!

Sharing their golf courses
 For our last week of the unit, every student was assigned to build their own mini golf course on Monday.  I did not make any other homework that entire week. Sending the message that this assignment was important.  On Friday, each student presented their golf course and shared the criteria that was in the handout.  When I asked the class, if I should use the same assignment next year, 100% said YES!

Look above, see the note pocket. She made cards for every hole to show students which angles were used!

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