Friday, March 22, 2013

Poetry Friday with some Revision

If I continue to go amazing conferences, someday I will become a poet possibly? My first poem was written with Ralph Fletcher's help at AllWrite.  Kate Messner helped me write my second original poem.  At least, I am working with the BEST teachers in the world. I posted about my reflection time from Kate's session on Real Revision.  Kate is masterful with modeling for us how to use revision. She asked us to go through a 6 step process using Poetry.  

#1 write for 3 min. about a favorite place if you have a picture use it 

Beautiful lake, wooden crooked floored dock, cool water,hot shimmering 
sun,hang out on the dock in the middle of the lake, difficult to reach, 
olden red rowboat, straggling fishing poles, dried bread crumbs from 
the morning fishing. Smell of blueberry pie lofting downward

#2 She modeled a Sometime Poem - here is my attempt.

Sometimes I want to go back to the cabin in the woods
Smelling the pine trees and quietness of the air
Standing on the porch looking out at the lake
Glimmering with the sun sparkling on the water
As I begin my journey down the path,
I leave the smell of a blueberry pie cooking in the oven

Walking slowly down the hill slipping on acorns 
Meandering through the path of wild flowers painted yellow and pink
Noticing the painted sailboats off in the distance
wondering when will I ever be able to sail one by myself? 
Sometimes I want to go back to the cabin in the woods 

#3 Revise with adding one of the 5 senses
#4 Revise with asking what would your poem say to you?
#5 Revise and act out a verb - watch the actions record in writer's notebook
#6 Cut out 20 words of the Sometime Poem

This was a quick easy process that I enjoyed and modeled for my own students.  Several of my students are now using the steps in their own writing. As both Ralph and Kate said, "to be a writer you must write."  Find some time this weekend to enjoy writing.


  1. Thank you for sharing this, Maria - i don't think to model the process in poetry so much (where is the time, right?) but I know my kids would really benefit from it.

  2. Mmmm...I can smell that blueberry pie!

    Thanks for sharing these steps. Wishing I could have been in 3 places at the same time at the DubLitCon!!