Friday, March 1, 2013

February OLW: Gratitude

February in Ohio is one of my least favorite months.  I remember driving our children down to the bus stop (we do have a really long driveway) I would say we just have to make it through February. If you ask them, I am sure they would say I said it everyday in the month of February.

As I reflect on my OLW: gratitude. I am thankful for several different opportunities to have professional conversations with colleagues.  These conversations happen in my school through twitter and on blogs. There were a couple of times when my chin was dragging on the ground this month, and a friend's kind words lifted my spirits and put a smile on my face.  Amazing how the virtual PD world is such a strong part of my PLC.

I attended the Dublin Lit Conference last Saturday as I walked around looking at several hundred teachers giving up their time on Saturday to pursue more knowledge about literacy I was in AWE of my profession. Gratitude for having the opportunities to listen to authors, present with Mary Lee, and explore some books. 

Time to enjoy visiting our daughter was another point of my gratitude. I took two personal days, and we drove to SC to visit Anna. It was our first trip back since moving her down in August. We arrived Friday and visited her in her own classroom.  Full circle moment doesn't even begin to express the feelings of walking into her very first classroom.  Together, the three of us explored Charleston, learned about the rich history, found Starbucks, and several amazing restaurants.  Super proud of you Anna!

Finally I completed 3 RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) this month working toward my goal of 26 in remembrance of Sandy Hook Elementary.  I typically don't list my specific RAK, but I thought passing on this idea from Choice Literacy was important. Here is an excerpt from their weekly newsletter:

Earlier this month Crestline Elementary School in Vancouver, Washington was destroyed by a fire. Crestline was the home of Choice Literacy contributors Beth Lawson and Melanie Quinn, and we spent many happy hours over the past three years filming teachers and children at work in this wonderful school. Thankfully no one was harmed in the flames, the school will be rebuilt by late 2014, and the local community has rallied in incredible ways to support those who called Crestline home. But for now the teachers and students have been moved to temporary classroom sites throughout the district, and they have lost everything -- every piece of writing in student journals and portfolios, and every single book out of their classroom libraries. Can you imagine losing all your children's books overnight, and starting over again with your students midyear in an empty classroom in an unfamiliar building? Many of these books were purchased over years with teachers' personal funds. The staff has collaborated on a wishlist of books at Amazon to rebuild their classroom libraries. Please consider purchasing a book at this link to help these teachers and children. It would mean the world to them. Any notes of support sent with your purchases would also be much appreciated.  I found yesterday (thanks mom) that my link was not working.  CL is checking on it for me and I will post the link again when we find it. 

Tracy @ Thinking Stems posted her OLW:  creating. Check it out great thinking on graphic organizers.


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  1. The words, "I was in AWE of my profession"...I reread this line several times. From conferences, to PD, to virtual PD, to bloggers, to working with our staff daily...teachers are amazing. We are constantly pushing ourselves to learn more, to do more, to think more about our instruction, our passions in education...all for the students.

    Can't wait to hear more about gratitude in March!