Saturday, March 23, 2013

OLW: March Gratitude

Compliments to Google images however I can't wait to take my own photos.
The month of March flew by I blinked at it's over almost over. I am going to be taking a week break from blogging, tweeting and disconnect from technology.  Our Spring break is this upcoming week, and I am super excited and thankful (OLW) for the opportunity to be going to the Grand Canyon. It's been on my bucket list forever, and our children didn't seem to be very interested in seeing it.  My husband and I enjoy Las Vegas (I personally LOVE Las Vegas) so we're tag teaming the two together for a fun week of vacation. 

Probably one of the highlights of March for me was Cynthia Lord visiting our school.  I am so impressed with the authors that I have the chance to meet. Always I learn something new about my writing. My students always walk away with this "awe" look in their eyes especially when my student, Ashley, had a chance to talk to Cynthia.  I am totally plagiarizing this next OLW from Bill's blog at Literate Lives.  He caught the moment with a flash of the camera.  Thanks Bill!!  By the way, I got very teary eyed.

Finally my OLW has to do with the small conversations in life. Those with friends and family that totally understand me. You know when you're just shaking your head and wondering why and then someone asks if you're ok? And better yet takes time to listen as you talk to them.  Truly listen.  Or when you're questioning the system and you read a Slice of Life that totally makes sense and you could have written it.  There have been a few big bumps in March, but I paused when I totally wanted to panic/cry and realized how blessed I am to be at this particular point in my life especially as I have a week off to relax, read and explore the Grand Canyon.  See you in April.



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