Monday, April 8, 2013

Physical Science and WONDERing

Thanks to Google Images
It's always fun for me when Sarah and I start our new science unit and I spend time searching for wonders that will support our unit as well as my WONDER Wednesday homework for connecting reading and writing.  After some time searching and some help from John at NCFL, I have found the following wonders to support Physcial science.

  #72: What Does  Conductor Do? (
  #420: How Do Touchscreens Work? (
  #414: Can You See Sound? (
  #698: How Do Night Vision Goggles Work? (
  #709: Why Do Some Things Rust? (
  #161: What Makes Sounds Louder? (
  #445 When Does the Wind Chill? (

It's always fun the first week when we give the students one battery, two wires and a lightbulb and ask them to light the bulb.  For some it takes few minutes, but for others it can take 20 mins and several clues.  Exploration and inquiry are so important in science. Over the years, I have learned to allow the students time for exploration is crucial for my  scientists to become their own thinkers.  Several years ago, I would have handed my class a worksheet or told them how to to light the bulb. But no more-investigation is the key!  As you can see and hear in the video below the conversations are crucial for the students to understanding their own learning. 


  1. I miss the lightbulbs...and the variables...and the exploration and inquiry. Yes, we do it with words, but so much fun with things they can hold in their hands. And the moment they get it! Oh, that moment! Lightbulbs, indeed!!

  2. I love the sound of buzzing excitement and conversation - real learning is going on, hooray!