Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wondering into Summer with our Little Buddies

We are going to be spreading the wonder to our first grade buddies later this week.  We have had 5th grade math buddies this year, and it has been an amazing experience for the class as well as for me to grow professionally.

I decided we needed to give back to our buddies and spread the wonder at Wonderopolis.  Our entire school (K-5) knows about Wonderopolis because our librarian, Bill at Literate Lives starts every library class with the wonder of the day and conversation.  Our first grade friends have been wondering all year with their teacher, but we want to extend wondering into the summer.

Once we brainstormed our favorite wonders, we set up a chart of sentence starters to help them start their thinking in the summer.  Next we extended their "Thinking Book"to "Wondering Book" really similar titles but we wanted to spruce up the covers. Hopefully our first grade friends will enjoy wondering over the summer and next year in 2nd grade I can check in with them to see their books.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea! Did I say I felt inspired? Well, I do! And here's my BRAINSTORM~ Once a week I will post a Weekly Wonder on our KidBlog, kids will comment back with their brainstorms, thinking and questions around the wonder!
    I'd love to hear what wonders the fifth graders brainstormed! The first one about cats having nines lives is PURRfect (couldn't resist) for my kids! We had several cat lovers this year!
    I am aslo wondering about fifth grade wonder bud die next year…interested? Skype, VoiceThread, Twitter, KidBlog…I am so excited!

  2. I will be happy to post other fifth grade favorites. What a neat idea to continue the conversation over the summer through Kidblog. I would be interested in connecting next year for sure let's talk perhaps some summer PD.