Thursday, May 16, 2013

Exciting News Check Out Wonderopolis!

Today is exciting @wonderopolis because NCFL has launched some NEW changes on the site.  There are so many I don't know where to start....Let's start at the top:  not there is a Listen button so the wonder of the day can be read aloud while the text is tracked on the wonder to help to follow along.  Next there is a Wonder Gallery where you submit your own pictures that support the wonder. Perhaps one of my favorite parts is: Test your knowledge:  an on line quiz that you can take after you have explored the wonder.  Within the wonder, the vocabulary words are linked to past wonders to help with background knowledge and/or enrichment opportunities. 

With the change to Common Core, the new pull down menu from clicking on the Explore Wonders tab is perfect for specific searches.  You can choose your grade level and topic.  It will make using wonders connected to curriculum much easier to find and then you can make great connections with strong non-fiction text. Make sure you check out all the changes and tell your friends-it's a great time to be wondering with your students right before summer.  Have you considered summer wonder journals?  More on that soon :)


  1. Awesome - so many wonderful (sorry, could not resist) features to make searching and using the site easier and more user friendly.

  2. Wow!! Those are some great changes:)