Saturday, May 11, 2013

Random Literacy Thoughts on Saturday

I have virtually turned a new page in my teaching career this year with twitter. I have found twitter to be the best virtual PD for me because the people I follow have the same genuine interest as well as concerns about literacy.  I do however appreciate that 90% of twitter conversation is positive and rarely goes off the deep end.  The tweet above really hit me as I read it, and I started thinking about reading in my classroom this year.  

As an educator, I often think from year to year about the successes I had and how I will implement them into my classroom the next year.  What I find the most interesting about that is sometimes WONDERFUL plans from last year do not always work with this year's class.  I found this graphic today on face book posted by Edutopia.

Which brings me back to reading, my wonder colleague, Paul Hankin's posted several strong opinions on face book about the power of NOT rewarding students for reading a set # of books.  I followed the entire conversation as a parent of two adult children who still don't love to read, and I believe because they were made to read set # of books or a certain genre every month and as a teacher who does not require a set number of books or required minutes from my students.

Which brings me to the picture above -- my weekend HW. I will be reading my students Reader's NB and writing back to each student reflecting on their thoughts about their JR book, their reading life or just thoughts about reading. To me the power in literacy is about the conversations that happen inside and outside our classrooms including the time I spend reading books so I can book talk, the time I spend reading blogs about new books and ordering new books for our classroom.

Finally, I am thankful for all my "friends" I have never met on twitter or face book that support my literacy thoughts and encourage me to grow virtually. I am anxiously awaiting the summer so I can continue to grow and start to read my ever growing book pile waiting for me on my desk.



  1. Looking forward to dock time with an actual (not virtual) colleague!

  2. Exactly! And I,too, have a set of 50 notebooks waiting to be read - ah, the pleasures of being a reading workshop teacher!

  3. Thank you for sharing the quote you saw on Facebook. I am going to print this off and keep it with me at school. Being responsive to the students and being willing to leave your agenda and ride their needs....authentic teaching :) Can't wait to share this quote when working with teachers...

  4. I consider myself to be one of those friends. :). Thanks for all the PD and support that you offer on twitter.
    Brandee @ Creating Lifelong Learners

  5. All of these comments are exactly what this post is all about. The learning that takes place on line through various technology tools is amazing! Thanks friends-you're among the BEST!!