Saturday, August 17, 2013

ARC: Birthday Bunny revised to Battle Bunny

I am so excited to be sharing my new ARC by Jon Scieska and Mac Barnett.  Illustrations by Matthew Myers. When I walked into Fundamentals the day before school started, I felt like I was given a welcome back to school present as I was handed: Birthday Bunny retitled Battle Bunny.  I was very confused by the cover but once I opened and looked inside, I was shocked by the creativity. I instantly fell in love with this thoughtful detailed story.  

As I read the first story: Birthday Bunny it is an excellent story with a twist that hooked me.  But when I read the revisions of the story entitled:  Battle Bunny I was even more hooked. As much for the story, but even more for the opportunities to use this as a mentor text for real world revision.  Scieska and Barnett are brilliant writers and the chance to see their thinking is a rare opportunity. There are mini lessons woven throughout the story.  Even with the changes including revisions to the illustrations I was amazed at the story. 

I had never considered the idea of purchasing old books at garage sales allowing students to try these revision strategies.  Can you imagine allowing students the chance to rewrite a story? Revision strategies could include changing vocabulary, building stronger details along with changing the plot structure. Actually the revision strategies are endless!!! Check out the ages…..due to be released October 22.