Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Help I have a serious problem!

I am a hoarder of information! I love learning and collecting information. My primary passion is word work and if I could be a full time wordsmith I think I might be in heaven. I am constantly hearing phrases and I want to remember them. I see phrases and I want to lift them.  I read phrases and I want to highlight them.  My problem is I have ideas in way too many places.  I have tried so many ideas: binders, notebooks, my phone, my iPad, Evernote, sticky notes and combination of all of these or just a few together.  I have a compulsion with paper copies. I LOVE being able to reread articles, write on them and highlight. I like to know that I JUST have them to reread them.  Choice Literacy is like a piece of heaven every Saturday morning -what an amazing wealth of information.  I have my favorites bookmarked on that site and I still feel the need to print. 

Then add twitter to my list......oh my that is like pushing me over the edge.  I must have 100 tweets that I have forwarded to myself and I am pretty sure I have not looked back at them again.  I "favorite" 1000 tweets and totally am overwhelmed with that list too.

Saturday I attended Dublin Literacy Conference and was immersed with two of my favorite things:  hugs and information.  I saw several friends who wanted to give me a hug, check on Marcus and let me know they were praying for our family.  As far as information, I was on overload.  I actually had my phone, iPad and WNB out on my lap.  Why do I confuse myself?  I came home ready to reread my notes and then life got in the way and finally tonight I had that chance to lift some ideas.  I am seriously getting to the point that I can't remember everything, so I start my new thinking for nonfiction and research. Visualize me with 4 professional books,  two 3 ring notebooks, my writer's notebook, my iPad open to notes, and my laptop to favorite bookmark websites.  Believe me I am not drowning, just basking in amazing resources that I am thrilled to have at my fingertips.

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  1. So much good stuff to learn and get engaged with...then share. It's all a bit overwhelming, Maria - how I wish I had been able to make it to Dublin!