Sunday, March 2, 2014

Slice of Life: Time to be Quiet

It’s Sunday morning, and  I woke up early as I look out the window the snow is falling softly for now and I realize for the first time in the past two months I am quiet.  I continue with my morning by starting the laundry, checking my email, playing words with friends, reading several slice of life blog posts, and I immediately begin to think about returning to school for my first full week in 2014.  A bit of apprehension sets in and I decided to fix myself a cup of tea.  I am not quite ready to start thinking about fractions, decimals and percents not quite yet.  As I sit down at the kitchen table wrapped in my favorite blanket with my tea, I pause to realize that often when life happens you have to step back for a moment. My #OLW floats in and out of my life lately.  This past month I have tended to run on remote control as I started back to school ½ days in the afternoon for Language Arts.  I am fortunate my remote control works so well.  I often wonder if it is a remote control or is it really a circular effect of all my thinking and learning about language arts that is falling into place?  I tend to think it is the latter.  March 1 feels like January 1 to me.  I feel like I am ready to finally jump into a new year with a new appreciation for life, and the opportunities that I will have this week.  I will have several choices including which mini lesson to teach Tuesday for my second (OTES) teacher evaluation.  I am excited to share my reading classroom with my principal as she visits to listen to our learning.  I think I just made my first choice: I will start with my reading workshop thinking which makes me excited about my #OLW.   I guess fractions, decimals and percents will have to hold on until this afternoon. 


  1. I wish you a wonderful transition back to your classroom my friend. I love your attitude of starting with something that makes you excited. I love your outlook and your appreciation for life. I know your heart is full of gratitude and we are grateful for you.

  2. Good luck on your first full week back. Mine was last week (my first 5 day week), and at the end, I was both exhausted and grateful.
    I'm glad you have Sunday morning to snuggle and reflect about the week ahead of you. So happy the entire family gets to move on in a positive direction.

  3. Maria,
    Wishing you all the best as you return to school full day. I'm always amazed at how teachers manage to come in and give their best to their students in times when life is tough. I've witnessed teachers in my building with severe family illnesses, loss of loved ones, and personal issues that come to school day after day putting all of that aside and being there for the children in their classrooms. In a profession that requires such energy, I'm always a little in awe.


  4. I can relate to this… apprehension, worry, transition and … then focus and solution. I love how you describe what you're doing as you're thinking. Love this! Enjoy your Monday!