Sunday, March 30, 2014

Google and Fireworks a Great Thing

Digital writing has skyrocketed in my classroom since I introduced Google. To be able to connect with my students 24/7 is really exciting. I thought I would be overwhelmed, but I am still in control of my own timeframe. It’s been exciting to give feedback on stories that my two girls are coauthoring. To see them using the writing process digitally is powerful, and they started with a web of ideas and quickly figured out each of them should use a separate color font to differentiate their ideas. In addition, my students are willing to try all different (types of tools) within CREATE:  (see I'm so new I don't even know what you call these).

Google exploded into math class last week because I gave the option for our students to write about their cooking homework using Google. It was exciting because one girl learned how to insert photos and add captions sharing how she was making pumpkin bread. Another photo was of a student in the grocery store in front of the dairy counter comparing quarts and pints. Smiling proudly holding milk, who knew digital learning could include grocery shopping?

Where do I start with Spring Break conversations? Fireworks are exploding. I tossed out an idea to consider your life as a writer during Spring Break. Think about this question: How do your five senses influence your vacation?  I suggested taking photos or writing down ideas in Google.  I just finished checking my Google account, and I am super impressed with the writers of 228.  I also just posted my attempt to share with them. Tomorrow we will start our writing workshop conversations looking at authentic student work. I’m excited to see where this conversation leads us. 


  1. Awesome. We're using Googledocs in writing workshop now, and what a difference it makes! Love the Spring Break poetry idea - if we had a Spring Break (cause, we don't, this year!) I would have stolen your idea, my friend!

  2. Thanks for sharing about using Googledocs in the classroom. We do not use Googledocs. I need to look into this for our students.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Googledocs is really shifting my thinking about collaboration as well as it's about the process and not as much the end product.