Friday, March 28, 2014

South Carolina Nudges

I love when the obvious hits me and knocks me over. Perhaps it is not a hit but a gentle nudge that reminds me what I already know. Spring break has been a time for gentle nudges. I have had time to work out in the morning although all bundled up in several layers walking the beach. I spent time reading/writing early in the morning before our kids woke up. All of these activities are important in my life however once school starts again unfortunately I don't always find the time for those three activities.  As time moves quickly and our family was reminded how precious life is this past January, we realize chronologically that our children are grown adults, but as parents we will never let go of capturing family moments. Singing to music during the 12 hour car ride, laughing while we all stuffed ourselves on all you can eat crab night, shopping excursions, and our conversations on the beach. We're blessed that Anna and Marcus continue to choose to spend holidays with us.  We are extremely thankful for the memories that we created, and I was able to get my family photo that I wanted on the beach.  Life gets busy again when I return to school, and my South Carolina nudges will stay with me as the month of April turns the corner. 

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  1. You are blessed, Maria - and April is almost here!! Woo hoo!!