Saturday, May 3, 2014

Twitter Library

I fell in love when I saw this Little Free Library on a weekend trip up to Lake Erie. How exciting "give a book share a book."  Nothing is better than sharing favorite books.  Fast forward last week to twitter talk, and I tweeted that I am interested in learning more about multi genre writing. What happened next was amazing.

After reading the DM, Vicky asked me for my home address and offered to mail me her copy of the book.  What a gift of paying it forward.  I was ecstatic, and I immediately began reading and taking notes. My conversation continued with Bev on twitter, and she continued to help me learn.

I starting thinking about all of the professional books that I own. Several of them I have read, taken notes, highlighted and learned what I needed to know.  I would be more than willing to pass on any of the books below.  Just DM if interested and I will pay it forward just like Vicky helped me.   

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