Saturday, June 7, 2014

Celebrate: Changing the Last Day of School

It's early Saturday morning, and I wanted to post a few small celebrations from the week. Thanks to Ruth Ayres for her weekly link-up, Celebrate This Week. Check out all the blogs that are linked up HERE.

Monday was our last day of school.  Our principal asked all the classes to not show a movie the last day of school and gave us plenty of time to consider a new option. She encouraged us to choose an activity that would support community and conversations.  I have to admit I always showed Akeelah and the Bee the last day of school and loved that activity because it has so many great lessons that we always discussed, but I had to change my plans.  

We would end the year the way we started the year.  With our famous Room 228 quote: "We are ____ ." Students could choose to fill in the blank with the following: historians, scientists, readers, writers, word smiths, and mathematicians. After brainstorming and filling up our entire dry erase board with favorite activities students broke into smaller groups to work on their anchor posters which I will use next year for the first few weeks of school as a preview. 

Creating "We are scientists" 

Finally this celebration which will be placed in my special memory box of my favorite moments of teaching.


  1. We also shied away from movies. I love this activity. Such a great way to wrap up the year!
    I (with the help of my co-teacher when I needed to rest my voice) read aloud the Julian Chapter. Kids loved learning new things from Julian's perspective.
    And by the way, congrats to you and Mandy for making the Dublin Village with your take-it-apart project!

  2. Thanks Karen for your comment. That is another new title to add to my pile for summer. We sure had fun on our first Take Apart Day. Students loved it!!