Saturday, June 28, 2014

Celebrating with Joy

It is 3:47 on Saturday afternoon. I have been thinking about this post for several days almost a week.  When I know that I'm going to be writing about celebrations, I think differently about my days.  When I know that my One Little Word is choice I think differently about my days.  Both of these pieces fit nicely together for me. I was going to post about my learning at All Write, but I realized I already posted with several-- possibly over a hundred tweets.  When I came home, I had to disconnect from social media and thinking about teaching. I was on Allwrite overload which was a fantastic thing, but I needed a few days to come down from the learning.

I just returned from my Choice Literacy writing retreat and the life lessons along with the gift of time to write was almost surreal for me.  A gift wrapped up in belly laughing conversations, rich talk about our biggest best question and then tie it with a bow for hours of writing time. A priceless celebration, thank you Brenda.

Finally I learned something about myself, and I have to give credit to Ruth for encouraging us at her keynote to make sure we tell our story.  In addition to my husband who has been gently nudging me this summer to realize that my fun time is mostly school related.  When I finished with my nightly responsibilities of being a teacher during the school year, I would spend the rest of the evening reading teacher blogs or checking in on twitter.  I would read another professional book or choose to blog about my day.  I have to admit most of my summer has had the similar schedule.

I am celebrating today that I found joy in my morning routine not checking twitter, Facebook or blogs.  Starting my day with eating some amazing granola that I brought home from the INN at Cedar Falls, weeding the gardens, visiting the farmer's market, going to the library to pick up five new books, fixing lunch and eating with my husband on the back deck.  Took a 20 minute nap (which my CL friends will enjoy knowing because our editor told us too) and read my new book:  brown girl dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson.

I made the choice to choose joy, and it was the best decision of the day.  Off to start dinner on the grill and keep reading. Thanks to Ruth Ayres for her weekly link-up, Celebrate this Week. You can link up  HERE


  1. This is such a nice celebration. Choosing to disconnect for a while and do something that is not school related is a good choice. Enjoy your new books and your summer.

  2. Someone else reading brown girl dreaming! I'm hoping to snag a copy sometime soon. Choosing joy by unplugging. A lesson that I need to learn.