Monday, August 11, 2014

Math Monday: Building a Math Library

I'm so excited Mandy has decided to start this blog. An opportunity to learn and grow together and hopefully share best practices, great mentor text as well as support each other as we continue to look at our world through mathematical eyes.  This is when my shift occurred when I was lucky to be in #carPD with Mandy and Mary Lee as they were discussing the idea of math visual literacy.  I've always enjoyed math especially the calculations and precision of it.  I have to admit I haven't spent a great deal thinking about it and I certainly have not been on a scavenger hunt like I have been this summer searching for rich math picture books.  Our district is moving towards a K-5 math workshop this year and I am thrilled.  There will be so many overlaps for me because of my love of language arts workshop.  The one area of great need was my math library. I have had a few that I love as old standbys, but this summer I am definitely adding to my collection. I'm curious what are you favorite mentor texts?

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  1. Thanks for sharing these titles! I love the idea of including Wumbers in the math library!

  2. Thanks for joining the first Math Monday and for thinking about enhancing your library with more math books. Wumbers peaked my interest the most and I'm trying to think of any books I know that might interest you but I think mine are all for younger students. Keep collecting math books!