Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Slice of Life

I've already had to implement my OLW: choice on the first day of school.  I am not going there, but I am willing to say that the time I spent this summer reminded me to stop and breath.  Here is "The rest of my story" as the amazing storyteller Paul Harvey would say. 
  • Every year our entire district gets together to kick off the school year.  One of my favorite parts is the high school band playing. We also listened as several Dublin teachers spoke about what is #theDublinDifference.  They were inspirational and reminded me the importance of teaching to the students' heart.
  • I was able to enjoy a literacy conversation with a new teacher and start sharing ideas about reading workshop.  I even got a chance to model a lesson. What fun and a great way to share best practices.  I'm excited when we have new teachers join our staff from different school districts. This provides an opportunity to learn and share together.
  • Finally a celebration (I know it's not Saturday) for our custodian, Joni and her amazing crew. They always say yes and with a smile.  Even when I have moved a bookcase three times.  It's a blessing when you have such a caring support team.
  • Today is a work day until 2:00 and then I get to meet my brand new class for the first time this year. I  LOVE the walk through as they check out their new classroom while meeting new friends including our fish and gecko.  Asking questions: where will I sit?  More surprises on Wednesday for them.
Thank you to the Slice of Life community of writers.  It's always a highlight on Tuesday to read other slices. You can check out other slices here at Slice of Life.

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