Saturday, November 15, 2014

Celebrating Firsts

It’s time to celebrate and I had two firsts in my world of education this week. One involved a new student in my class and the other our new interim assistant principal, Gabe. He constantly wanders into my classroom right when I’m ready to throw in the towel. He asks, “How’s it going?” and I start with my thoughts…..continue talking….and finally stop.  He is a great listener and has an encouraging smile even when I can’t find a smile. He always follows up with how can I help?  Having time to talk, and sometimes not even knowing the answer, is ok. Sometimes there may not be an answer or at least at that particular moment. Gabe has taught me an important lesson that I never learned in 26 years of teaching. Thank you Gabe, you’re making a huge difference at BES.  

The second "first" absolutely stopped me in my tracks.  Choosing (OLW) to allow those little moments the chance to flourish was exactly what I chose Thursday afternoon at 2:30. We were in the middle of math class, and it started snowing for the first time this year.  My students rush to the window. I of course said, "You've all seen snow before."  My new student from Bangladesh says "I haven't." He stands there staring out the window. To heck with math, I tell my class to get their coats on, and we're going outside to catch snowflakes.  He had a bright red sweater on and the flakes fell gently on it.  He looked at them with huge bright eyes and responded,  "They're beautiful." That is why I became a teacher.

Saturday is my day to take a moment and celebrate. I am thankful to Ruth for encouraging all of us to focus on our own special moments of celebration.  Click HERE for the roundup


  1. Such a smart lesson you learned from Gabe. We tend to think there is always an answer, if we just look hard enough. But sometimes there may not be one yet. And don't you love it when a student makes you aware and lets you see something through new eyes. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Maria, here are two very special celebrations, both the kind that buoy us up when we most need it. Can you imagine never seeing snow? How magical it must have been for that child! You did the nicest thing then. And love that your new principal is so kind-the best! Have a great weekend!

  3. Wow, I love that you took them outside. What a memory!