Tuesday, February 10, 2015

An Honest Perspective (OLW)

I'm in a quandary.  I am not sure if I should "Slice" or "Celebrate." What a pleasant problem to have. I'm not complaining actually I am thankful to finally have something to write about on my blog.  It's been an enigma lately too me.  Enter my OLW.

School, lesson planning, has been a challenge lately.  How lately? The past month. I try, honestly I do, I try to stay positive, but I haven't accomplished that lately. If not for several BES friends and thanks to another friend for your email "if you want to come to just hang out...maybe we can reboot your confidence."

I haven't found it, but I am feeling better just tonight.  As I have posted several times on Facebook, I am a huge fan of Ruth Ayres, Celebrations. Her words speak to me as well as her faith. Remembering to "love right through the hard."  

My OLW helps me and haunts me. It is constantly sitting on my shoulder like Jimmy Cricket, "How can you approach this with a better attitude?" I've been told my much smarter colleagues than myself to stick with what you know.  It's going to be a hard year - your first year in Common Core.  Remember it's about the students. Stay the course.  I almost have although there have been several tidal waves (more in math I must confess) but still I am used to smooth sailing or at least only a few waves.  

It's interesting where I found my peaceful perspective.  Reading and grading 23 narratives. Realizing the power, again, in strong mentor texts along with scaffold mini lessons and conferences. Oh my those conferences....but so worth it.  I am thankful for this moment in time I have found my perspective.  Who knows what will roll in with the tide tomorrow as I open the door to a new day?


  1. Maria without the challenges how would we recognize the reasons we have to celebrate,? Everyday and e very happen stance has a reason and a purpose, embrace it, celebrate it and breathe!