Saturday, January 31, 2015

January Reflection OLW: Say Yes to IT

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“You’ll never do IT,” said my husband.
“Yes, I will,” I replied.
…….. “”Done, we booked IT.”

Above is one of my favorite conversations with my husband as he challenged me to take all three personal days at one time.  I’ve never done IT in 26 years of teaching. How could I be away from my students for three days in a row?

God taught me that lesson last year. From that point forward “never” is no longer apart of my vocabulary and saying "Yes" became easier.

My OLW: perspective has already touched my thinking. It creeps up on me quietly and helps me adjust my attitude and even encourages me to say, "Yes."

As this posts, we will be in Ochos Rio, Jamaica for a short vacation from the Ohio cold and dreary winter. Jamaica has been on my bucket list ever since I had one…actually Dunn’s Falls is on my list. I am enamored with the idea of walking through the falls and exploring the culture of Jamaica and perhaps the warm weather, sunny beaches and an all-inclusive is mixed into the concept also.  

It’s January 31, and I am going to post about my OLW on the last day of the month this year. I know it helps me with focusing and taking in the different perspectives from the month. Feel free to join me with your OLW. 

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  1. I am in! I am focusing on my little word weekly
    You picked the absolute BEST week to do IT!!!!!! The snow apocalypse is apparently hitting our state tonight!