Friday, January 2, 2015

2015 OLW: Perspective

It's that time again to choose my OLW for 2015.  In the past, life events had prompted by word.  I typically didn't think very long about which word I was going to choose.  However I have learned the past three years that my OLW definitely becomes a part of who I am almost in a mysterious yet peaceful way.

  • 2012 reflection 
  • 2013 gratitude
  • 2014 choice
Reflection came at a time when I was starting to juggle new learning opportunities for me I was scared to say yes, but I did.  I knew that I never took time to reflect, and I needed to. Still today my 25 minute drive home is about reflecting and a special phone call everyday to our daughter to see how her school day was for her.

Gratitude came from 26 Random Acts of Kindness.  I had to do something that reached out to my world that I touched everyday.  My heart was broken and I needed to heal because I just could not wrap my thinking around the events at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT. Gratitude has been my favorite OLW because I was able to extend myself and reach others. 

Choice was last year's word.  Chosen because I needed to feel that I had choices in my busy life. I had not wrapped my head around being an empty nester yet still wanting and needing to parent.  I had several opportunities at work that would require me to "step up" and I wasn't sure which choice I would make. Borrowing from Ruth Ayres reflection, " I can't imagine a better word to teach me what I needed (But didn't even know I needed) to learn."

Finally as I kept a note in my iPhone and collected several words. My criteria boiled down to this question:   Which word would encompass all my other OLW because all three had impacted my life?

Thanks to Google - love the Scrabble letters.
Perfect for me

  • Perspective as I continue my journey in teaching facing a variety of issues: state testing, value added evaluations, professional growth including which books to read, conferences to attend, time spent on social media. Reflecting on how all those issues impact me.
  • Perspective on time including a wider variety of work outs, making different choices in the evenings, and continuing to establish new habits.
  • Perspective on being a quiet listener, making the best choices for me as well as my family, and choosing to continue to focus on gratitude.  


  1. Love your word Maria. Perspective colors our world and it's important to keep focused on what is important.

    1. It's interesting how our OLW lead our lives. Thanks for being on my journey with me.

  2. And once again, our words collide! I am hoping that with my more simplistic view that I will gain more perspective. Glad to be reading your thinking again!

  3. Excited to have our paths cross again. I read your blog and love the idea of choosing 3 areas to focus on each week. Let's stay connected :) with our OLW.

  4. Maria~
    I love how reflective you have been on your past OLW's. I jumped in this year for the first time, but I feel like I've had OLW guiding my life for several years and the word has been perspective. Opening my mind to intentionally considering what feeds others actions has been an amazing journey, one I have been glad to live by, hence the name of my blog.
    I can't wait to read more about your perspectives or those you discover over the year!

    1. Choosing OLW is such an interesting process I've never really focused on perspective specifically. I'm excited to see where it leads me this year.

  5. I'm excited to see how you'll explore PERSPECTIVES this year!