Thursday, January 8, 2015

Abandoning a Book at the Library

I was talking to a friend about The Red Pencil which is a novel in verse. I showed her my book filled with sticky notes. She asked me about the notes, and I told her I fell in love with the language of the story. I love to read, but as important to me is the choice of words that the author makes. I am constantly writing in my own books, but if it is a library book I use sticky notes.  My problem is when I finish a captivating book I feel like I have to abandon I return it.  I wonder if other readers have that feeling of abandonment when you return a book to the library?  I decided to write this blog to hold onto Andrea Davis Pinkney choice of words that touched my heart.
  • p. 64 Lines I'm the holder of the instrument that makes picture-music on our parched land.
  • p. 68 Seeing the Same Sun Anwar says, "Your girl's glint should be allowed to shine even brighter."
  • p. 94 Bleat - Relief!  In one long breath, I release, relief.
  • p. 124 Soles We walk on dogged feet for nights and nights and nights.
  • p. 151 Rubber Twigs There is so much sadness in Kalma's dirt. No life in this camp's branches.
  • p. 172 Unwelcome Our beliefs about Sayidda Moon's power have been stripped of their meaning, smacked off by heartaches' hand.
  • p. 225 Sweet Invitation Old Anwar says, "Amira, you are not chasing the wind. You are stirring it up.
  • p. 228 My A  Your hand already understands the writing letters and drawing are the same, Anwar says. "Letters are pictures that make words."
  • 262 Anthill Old Anwar says, "I am the one to be admonished for not seeing that the bright start right in front of me meeds a bigger sky to shine."
in the author notes I read, "The Red Pencil is a work of fiction inspired by several accounts that I read about children growing up inside an unthinkable reality. The Red Pencil's illustrated poems follow one child's journey through grief and possibility." Thank you Andrea Davis Pikney for sharing the possibility for Amira. What a treasure.

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  1. Just added this title to my "next stack". Thanks for sharing your notes...anxious to read it!