Saturday, April 25, 2015

Celebrating Minutes of Time

It's Saturday, 1:11 pm, our daughter always told me to make a wish at this specific time. It was always and continues to be our special moment. We even text each other pictures of 1:11.

It's Saturday ant it's 7:15 am, and I don't want to be awake. It's Saturday and I want to sleep in at least until 9:00 am.  Not happening today.  I guess I did sleep in compared to my 5:45 am wake up call Monday thought Friday.  It's all about my OLW: perspective.

It's Saturday and it's 9:02 am and we're back from the grocery store.  Kroger's is not crowded at that time of day. Might be a little hidden secret.  We've unloaded the groceries, and my husband cooks us breakfast.  I wonder around starting the laundry and putting away the groceries.

It's 11:18 am and we watched the two hour special about Bruce Jenner. I was glad I did. I'm reminded once again that we really don't understand each other until we walk in their shoes.  A lesson and a perspective that I have been reminded of a lot lately.  

It's 12:30 pm spaghetti sauce is made and my mom's vegetable salad is in the fridge ready to marinate for dinner tonight.  Laundry has been changed twice and the last load is in the dryer.  

It's Saturday, 1:17 pm and i finally find a few minutes to write.  I've written several times this month but not on my blog, but in my journal, those ideas are for myself. It's been a challenging month, and my OLW has pushed me beyond where I wanted to go.  However, I have been reading other blogs for support (thanks Ruth Ayres) and my daily bible verses 15 in 2015. 5 minutes giving thanks, 5 minutes reading the bible, and 5 minutes reflecting and praying about my day. 

It's Saturday it is 1:19 pm and I'm a little late to the celebration, but that's ok.  Thanks to all those who celebrate every week, although I am not always present on my blog, I spend time reading and reflecting.  Here is the link up for this week. Celebrate!


  1. Hi Maria! I love the way you wrote about the times during the day & the little celebrations at each one. I try to sleep in too, alarm is set during the week at 5:20. Six o'clock is about my limit. I wish it could be later. It's a nice thing to hear about your 1:11. Those small pieces of our lives keep us celebrating. Thanks for a nice post!

  2. Taking those moments and reflecting in that space and time is so powerful. I know of several people who do something at a specific time like your 1:11. How lovely your daughter has taken you up on this challenge.