Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Slice of Life: I Wanted then I Realized

It's still early on Tuesday morning for summer.  I feel a sense of pride when I accomplish all my goals for the day by 9:02 and the only one left is to write my slice.  But I have been gathering my thoughts for awhile. Starting last week on vacation, as we journeyed around the East coast. I was sharing one of my favorite cities, Boston, with my husband, and I realized once again that I'm always a teacher.  Being his travel guide with tons of sentence starters like

  • Did you know?
  • At this location...
  • Back in 1700's 
  • This is one of my favorite locations
  • Let's use the map
  • Let's ask someone
I wonder if it's hard to live with a teacher.  I think I already know that answer.  I've been to Boston 10 times prior to this visit, and he'd never been there.  I wanted him to love the city just like I do.  

Isn't that what happens in my classroom sometime? I spend all my energy preparing lessons. I read several professional books, take notes, participate in twitter talks, Voxer a friend, and finally write the plan.  I want the lesson to be strong. By this time in my teaching career I know not perfect is almost not possible. I am beginning to realize I have more invested in the lesson than my students.  That is what I'm thinking about this summer.  What I want....then I realize.  I've been saying to my colleagues for a few years now that my students aren't as invested.  This year I made shifts with my classroom set up, organization, and lessons. I saw several moments when I knew they were invested. Those moments came when they were the decision makers, and I was not the leader of group. 

Every moment of summer is a lesson for me both personally and professionally. Our day in Boston taught me several lessons that I will take back to the classroom in August. I always enjoy joining Two Writing Teachers for Slicing on Tuesday. 

Checking off our Eastern Coast bucket list trip.

You have to visit Make Way for Ducklings in the Boston Commons


  1. Thanks for the slice. Yes, I agree... students invest when they are making the decisions! (Have never actually been to Boston, btw... only in Make Way for Ducklings!)

    1. I know that about students I just need to incorporate it more into everyday. I would suggest you visit Boston just for the statue.

  2. Such wise thoughts in making the students decision makers, but sometimes so hard to do. Taking an east coast tour is on my bucket list too! According to your map, your trip looks fabulous!

  3. You're correct I focused on that "letting go" the last trimester. Move the east coast tour to the top of your list. It's well worth the miles (2,400) which was how long our trip was.

  4. So true that we get more engagement and motivation when we allow students to have some control. It's not always easy to let go and give students the opportunity to be decision-makers, but it's definitely worth the effort. I love Boston, although being from Massachusetts I may be biased. You should come back for the ILA conference which is in Boston this year.