Saturday, January 20, 2018

Celebrating: Her Heart Burst

I typically write my Saturday Celebrations during the week and have them finished to post early.  Come back later in the day to read everyones posts, and I always find a few posts that linger with me. Our community and how we comment and share our thoughts is so important to me as a teacher and a writer. 

This week was busy, and I did not get my post written.  It's Saturday morning. I'm looking at the snow on the ground, birds eating in our feeder, drinking my hot tea, and I'm ready to share my journey of becoming a teacher. 

The picture above is one of my greatest treasures. If the house were burning, I would want this. I need this.  It begins my story of becoming a teacher. Both my grandparents were well educated. My grandfather was a world renown pediatric surgeon. His career started in Boston and ended at Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. There is a library in the hospital dedicated to him.  My grandmother LOVED reading and words!  She shared with me some of my favorite books and taught me the love of writing thank you notes.  She continued into her 60's translating Russian documents for The Ohio State University. My grandmother gave my mother the statue above while she was still living. When she passed, my mother passed it on to me. 

Mothers are always our first teachers. My mom wanted to be a teacher and never had an opportunity. She became my teacher.  Weekly trips to the library, helping me choose books and puzzles, reading to me every night and sharing her favorite authors especially of poetry.  Opening my eyes to the gift of books and "how they allow you to travel anywhere."  

For me I played school in our basement as soon as I could walk down the stairs. I've written a little about this in past blogs, but I honestly believed I was a teacher everyday as I walked downstairs. Being an only child, I never felt alone because i had my students. My mom's friend, Kathy, who was a teacher gave me a few "teachery" things. My heart burst with my first real grade book at age 8. Remember they were red or green, spiral bound and smelled wonderful.

Fast forward to our daughter, Anna, who is teaching in South Carolina. She played in our basement, and I brought home "teachery" things for her to use. Her heart burst when I allowed her to grade real math papers. She believed she was a teacher playing in our basement. 

Yesterday I was pulling down anchor charts (they were becoming wallpaper) and I was going to throw them away. I remember having conversations with H. about playing school in her basement.  I asked her if she would like them to take home.  Her heart burst.  I believe it is our job to encourage younger teachers, open our classrooms and share with them.  H. will be getting every little "teachery" thing I can find for the for the rest of this year. 

I'm thankful for our Celebration Community.  I will be reflecting on Ruth's post today for a long time.  Thank you Ruth for writing about what your afraid of and sharing when you're ready. 


  1. I also enjoyed sharing and purchasing teachery things with my friend H!

    1. Ahh H. first role model. Hugs to you friend!!

  2. I loved reading your celebration. The richness of emotion in this moved me. I'd like to send you a virtual appreciation hug, if it is ok with you.