Saturday, January 6, 2018

Celebrating JOY

I recently heard Sheryl Sandburg speak with Oprah on her Super Soul Conversations.  I appreciated how candid Sheryl was about her husband’s death and how she no longer had an Option A, but she does have Option B.  I get entranced with speakers who are sharing their heart stories. I want to listen deeply; however,  I also want to write down key points in my notebook.  I chose to listen deeply, and I then proceeded to check her book out at the library.  I didn’t read it cover to cover, but certain chapters I read several times.  Poignant take away moments for me included, searching for JOY!  And when you’re searching for JOY, you find JOY because it’s there often times in the smallest moments.  

I automatically connected the idea of celebrating JOY with my #OLW gratitude. That little word changed my life in ways that I never saw coming. That is what #OLW are suppose to do; however, some years my word captures all of me and other years it flounders along beside me.  I had decided not to choose #OLW this year.  Nothing was sticking or knocking me over.  I still consider gratitude my lifetime #OLW.  JOY is lightly tapping on my shoulder asking me to consider it. 

Yesterday was one of my celebration of JOY!  I got an email before Thanksgiving from Jordan. I had her in fifth grade, and she is currently a Junior at The Ohio State University. She was very kind in her email and told me that her favorite grade was  fifth grade, and she decided that she wants to be a teacher.  She visited yesterday and spent the day with our class. I expressed to her that as an educator we are never sure when we will have a lasting impression on a students' life. It's such an honor to know that I've created a lifelong difference for her.  

Celebrations and our Saturday community help me find JOY, and I feel a huge sense of gratitude for our conversations.  When I'm leaning toward closing up and not blogging, I always reflect on those discussions which always lift me up. Happy New Year friends. 


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