Monday, September 13, 2010

Follow up to Poetry Friday

First page of student's Notes.
This past  Friday, we sang “Stinky Stinky Diaper Change” again from last week. I have colored overheads of the poems and  I show the poem on our whiteboard. After we reviewed synonyms and antonyms, I had the students work in pairs to find as many synonyms and antonyms as they could in the poem.  For example: the word clean was in the poem so they typed clean and added their own synonym.  They did the same thing for antonyms; the word now was in the poem so they typed then. The students had 10 minutes to work together. See the student's example of their Notes.

We then gathered together and discussed the different words they found. They used key vocabulary to tell me where to circle. For example,  "It is the second stanza third line etc.  I circled the words in the poem and wrote the synonyms on the left and the antonyms on the right.  It was interesting for the students to see how the same word could be both a synonym and antonym both in red and black on the overhead below.  Notice the word scent which was another

Second page of student Notes.

In the past, I would have xeroxed my overhead and given the students a copy of the words, but this connected the lesson with technology and now they have a permanent synonym/antonym dictionary to use in their everyday writing. When they were finished, one of the students said, “Now I have my own personal synonym and antonym dictionary on my iPod."


  1. Way cool! (Am suffering serious iPod envy...)

  2. Thanks Mary Lee from you that is a huge compliment! I need that comment just wait for tomorrow's post.