Saturday, September 25, 2010

Using Audiobooks for the First Time

We, Sarah and I, had the opportunity to cross something off our bucket list this past Thursday night.  We were asked by our retired principal to come and talk about how state standards, benchmarks and indicators flow in lesson planning to a graduate class at Ashland University. After we were done with our presentation, we sat and listened to Phil's opening lecture which connected our lesson with the students' next assignment.  As I sat and listened, he reminded me of an important concept that I had forgotten. Always take time to reflect on the lessons that I have taught as well as where I am headed with future lessons.  Reflection is crucial in our busy teacher world and for me that is usually the step that I leave out if I am pushed for time.

  I began to reflect about  iPods and how I have used them in Language Arts.  Next week, I am excited to branch into audiobooks on iPods in reading.  I love the story Frindle by Andrew Clements for many reasons. First of all Mrs. Granger is one of the best word study teachers.  I love the introduction of Andrew Clements as an author because he has so many other books that my students could choose from when we are finished. Also it is perfect for the start of the year with a lively discussion about a class clown, named Nick.  I am extremely curious about how purchasing this audiobook will enhance the reading instruction; however, I have several  questions.

-Will the students choose to listen instead of read the book?  Is that important?
-Will they listen ahead of where where we are in class?  Does that matter?
-Will I save class time and have the students read/listen at home so we can spend class time on the focused lesson?  This is my goal and why I decided to purchase the $9.95 book.  For those of you who have been reading my blog-you know that was a huge decision to spend that much money.

What do you think?  Have you ever used books on tape or audiobooks for a whole class book novel?
Let me know your thoughts?


  1. I have used audiobooks many times (including Frindle). Some children will want to read it and others will choose to listen to it. I don't think it really matters that much. I have used audiobooks with small groups while the other children are reading silently (listening center) and I have used them whole group. One example of that is I have the children read a particular book for HW and then we listen to those chapters during snack the next day. This is a great strategy for the special ed students. Right now my 5th graders are reading Among The Hidden for HW. Some of them go ahead of the assigned pages because they are enjoying the book. This is a good thing. The experience of enjoying a book is what I want them to have so I don't discourage it. During the classroom lessons I ignore the fact that some have gone ahead and I focus in on what chapter I'm teaching.Christine