Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wonderful Word Wednesday New iPod Apps

Excerpt from part of a story
I have added two more apps this week for Wonderful Word Wednesday. I was searching for support with the introduction to parts of speech and an app that would allow students to create their own story.

MAD LIBS:  I remember when I was young, and I loved the paper version of Mad Libs.  Now the students get to practice their parts of speech and create a funny crazy story that they share with their friends. What a great reinforcement for parts of speech.

First page of the model story-some simple hand drawn illustration
STORY KIT:  This is my #1 FAVORITE app and it's FREE! I love it for so many reasons.
*the students create their own personal digital electronic story  
*students can put their original text on the pages
*students can draw original illustrations-what fun for them :)
*students can download pictures from the internet and add them
*sounds can be recorded to support the story
*students can move pages around/edit/revise their story
*to print the stories the students will email their final version to me
Another page of the story but pictures are downloaded from the internet.
on a class email list 
*I will print them for a final assessment

I have high hopes for STORY KIT.  Once I introduce the app I plan on having the students use it for content areas.  They could create a story about European Explorers or the steps of the Scientific Method.  I really believe STORY KIT has endless possibilities. 

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  1. I loved Mad Libs also! What a great way to fill the time on those long summer trips from Florida to Ohio each year.
    I am very impressed with all that you are using the i-pods to do with your students. What a wonderful opportunity for all of you.
    Kathy B.