Thursday, September 9, 2010

Our Class Writes about iPods

I have been wondering and thinking about how to gather data to support my grant.  I want to begin to gather information as well as data to begin to monitor how the iPods effect the student’s education.  Honestly I am not sure if this is possible.  I have thought of two different ways.  The first one is creating a google doc survey about their reading.  This survey could be taken every trimester, and I will be able to analyze that data because it creates charts and organizes the data. 

Yesterday,  I asked my class to write about their iPods and how they are using them this year so far.  I learned many interesting facts from the students.  Once again, as a teacher just ask them and they will tell you-out of the mouth of babes.  Here are some of their comments.

- fun to play because I make new words and then I can use them in my writer’s notebook
-very educational I forget that I am learning new words
-learning BIG words helps me in my writing
-surprisingly I have learned new words
-I learned a new work like “rig” and it gave me the definition

Notes during Poetry Friday
-makes poetry really fun when I am on the hunt for words
-I now care more about the poems
-I like typing it helps me remember and the notes save automatically so I can’t lose them

General Comments
-it’s nice not to have to leave the room to go to the computer lab
-it’s with me all the time at school and I can take it home (this was written many times)
-it’s fun to take screen shots for enrichment activities to show my friends
-Google Earth is so COOL!
-it’s fun to access our class homepage and use the links from school
-it’s nice that the whole class can look at the same thing at the same time
-Pop Geo is a huge hit with helping me learn my states for our test and it’s fun

On a side note, I told the kids to write down any songs or apps that they may want added to the iPods.  I got 7 song titles and 3 apps that I will be researching and perhaps adding to the iPods.  I love how they are beginning to take ownership in their iPods. 

Finally two of my favorite quotes.

“The iPods are a fun educational tool.  Who knew the educational world could combine with the electronic/technology world?”  “Not me!”

“It teaches us 21st Century skills for my life.”

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  1. It makes me happy to know that the students acknowledge and appreciate what a great tool they have the opportunity to work with this year. I know they will enjoy exploring uses for their iPods. I predict they will discover so many things to do with them to help with their school work. They are WAY better at that than I am.:-)