Friday, November 5, 2010

Poetry Friday is Delicious!

Poetry Friday is like a super sundae with a cherry on top!  I am so excited for Fridays in our class.  Two weeks ago we finished our poetry conversations about how we talk about poems.  I shouldn't say we finished because actually we just opened the jar of cherries.  The students are ready to begin searching, practicing and even writing their own poetry.  

Last Friday was the first week the students spent the week looking through the poetry books in our classroom. This is a new idea this year that I am implementing. In past years, I have allowed 15-20 minutes every Friday for students to read and search for poems to share that specific Friday.  But with this class, I believe they need the time to search but more important time to practice their poems when sharing them aloud with the class. For today's Poetry Friday, I know I have four different groups ready to share because they asked me to make copies of their poems so they could practice at home-there is the cherry!

Another group checked a poetry book out of the library on Tuesday found their poem on Wednesday asked me to copy the poem, and they have been practicing it the rest of the week. I think that is the hot fudge and finally the ice cream is the group of boys who will be singing from the Sipping Spiders Through a Straw.  Poetry Friday is going to be delicious!


  1. Yummy! My Poetry Fridays are just starting, but I'm hoping for the whole "sundae" experience to develop in time, too. Huzzah for Poetry Friday!!

  2. Wow, that's terrific! Such enthusiasm, from you and your students! I would love for my fourth grader to have that experience.

  3. How fabulous to have Poetry Fridays in class! A ritual like this will sink in deeply, and they'll always remember it. (Fridays will always feel like they need poems!) I hope this one was wonderful...hello to your students! A.