Wednesday, March 2, 2011

February Apps of the Month

Each month I ask my students to submit their favorite app of the month-we have a tie for February. Rocket Math won this month for many different reasons.  I chose the app because I knew the students would love building their own rocket while practicing all 4 operations. Each time they get an answer correct they earn money to purchase the parts for their rocket.  Finally they get to fly their rocket and their space missions range in difficulty. Here is why the students chose Rocket Math.

*I can change the levels to be more difficult.
*I don't like practicing subtraction but no one knows I am doing it on this app.
*I like working towards the gold medal.
*I have to read descriptions and interpret what the directions mean.
*It is so fun and you want to just keep playing!
*It's fun to upgrade your rocket.
* It helps me manage money to decided which parts to purchase.

On the other hand, the Dictionary app tied with Rocket Math.  I have to admit I was not sure if I needed to get a dictionary app because I thought the students could just connect to the internet. This app was free so I just added it to see if they liked it, I guess they do!!
*It has a sound button so I can hear the word pronounced.
*It has a word of the day, so I can increase my vocab.
*It has a wonderful thesaurus that I love!
*I am starting to build my own BIG word dictionary.
*It has helped me use stronger words in my writing.

Enjoy checking out these February apps of the month!

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