Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sonic Pics Celebration!

I believe strongly that it is important to celebrate authors in my classroom.  First trimester we celebrated because the students' published their first book of the year.  As the students finished their persuasive commercials on Sonic Pic, I was not sure if I would invite the parents in again to celebrate. As I thought about it, I decided that I wanted to send the message to the students as well as the parents that digital publishing is as important as paper publishing. So I invited the parents to a Sonic Pics Open House using the Smart Board, Mr. Mark and I showed all 24 commercials.  Each commercial was about 2 minutes, and we just "rolled" through them. I am happy that I made this decision for a few reasons first we celebrated our writing, the students were proud of their commercials shown on the BIG screen and finally as a class we celebrated our technology knowledge. Here are a few more examples of the students' work.   


  1. What an awesome opportunity for your students and their parents.

  2. Congratulations to you and your students for your awesome use of Sonic Pics to illustrate your persuasive writing. Coincidentally, my Grade 3 students are doing persuasive writing right now. Check out this blog <a href="http://mswift.edublogs.org/2011/03/08/persuasive-writing-pros/>post</a> to see a sample of our persuasive writing.

    Could you please post how you embed the Sonic Pics m4v movie file into your blog?

  3. Mrs. Swift, Thanks for sharing your 3rd graders work-it is amazing! I will have to get back to you on how to put the Sonic Pics into m4v movie file. I am asking Mr. Mark for help.

  4. I'm following along behind you (baby steps) with Sonic Pics. We have done poetry readings on Poetry Friday so far. LOVE this app!

  5. Mrs. Swift: Open your document in Quick Time and save it as an MOV file. You must have Quick Time Pro and make sure it is updated. Hope this helps.

  6. Hello 5th Graders!
    We finally posted our first Sonic Pics video. At first the kids just talked about what was in each picture. They realized that they could do SO much better by writing a detailed script. At first the video didn't match the audio. Then we did it again using the "best" quality on Sonic Pics. We can't get YouTube at our school so I sent the video to Vimeo and then embedded it in our blog. Check out ourvideo !
    Mrs. Swift's Grade 3 Class