Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wonderful Word Wednesday-Celebrating Word Transfers

You ever have one of those days when you are so thankful that you are able to do the job you love!  Well that happened last Wednesday for me.  I love Wednesday because some how even with OAA testing breathing down my neck, we always celebrate words on Wed.  We started our new trimester, and I asked the students how they were going to extend their word learning this trimester.  And up popped two hands ready to share!  Both girls who happen to be great friends decided to start a word notebook.  Now I have been suggesting this idea since last October after I read Donovan's Word Jar.  Many students started word jars, but I did not see any notebooks. Imagine my surprise when the girls shared their notebooks and the different sections. One of the girls divided hers into three sections: wonderful words, figurative language and new words. 

The other girl has decided to collect words, create a chart to if she transfers her words into her writing (YES/NO) box and the page number from the book as the reference.  Notice the book title? She was reading The Fences Between Us after having Kirby Larson just visit our school.  Hopefully after the two girls shared their excitement about their word notebook possibly it will catch on and more students will start their own word notebook. 


  1. I love the chart that this young girl has used to track her words that she's interested in using in her writing, but I'm not sure what the CC stands before she put the YES NO. Can you share?

  2. I look forward to being approved to share on your blog. I am a Director of Instruction that works with many teachers on Writers Notebooks and loves to get ideas about how to develop word study into writing! Your post does that!

  3. Thanks for your comments Sandi. I am not sure what you mean by being approved on my blog. Let me know how can I help I would enjoy collaborating with you. CC means that she used context clues to understand the meaning of the words she collected.
    My blog post is

  4. Maybe it was the initial post without login for google, but thanks for your response. Now I also need to order Making Learning Whole! Looks like a great read. I teach Emergent Lit for Viterbo University and we just completed a metaphor for literacy... they were awesome! I love the baseball metaphor... might need to use this during my curriculum week. Enjoy your summer.
    I found your blog through Choice of my Saturday morning pasttimes! Great site over the past 4 years, and it only gets better.

  5. This is great...Thanks for sharing!