Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Connecting Wonderopolis to Content Areas

I have been asked to write about how I would use Wonderopolis in my classroom beyond my reading and writing workshop. This is an interesting question for me because it has become so automatic for me that I had to stop and reflect how I started using Wonderopolis.  I would suggest starting with the exploration of the site from that point I started using the links on the right to try and integrate the wonders that have already been written.  Another great feature of the site is the the search feature in the right hand corner of the site.  If you type in "plants", you would get the following links to wonders.

As you can see there are many options, I then preview them and decide which wonder will best support my Life Science indicators.  Often I use the videos to introduce or hook my students and then use parts of the text to support their learning.  I do the same thing with Social Studies for example if I search "maps."

The other amazing part of using wonderopolis is the learning can connect at home with the students' parents. Often I encourage the students to share the wonder of the day with their parents and even leave a comment if they want too.  I would encourage you to WONDER around the site and try to incorporate it into your classroom.  

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