Monday, April 4, 2011

It is Wonderopolis to Make New Friends

Sunday started off  WONDERful when I arrived at the wonderopolis booth in the convention center. I met many of the creators of Wonderopolis, and they are ALL amazing and very helpful to an inexperienced presenter like myself.  My class will be so excited to know that I talked to the creators of the posts.  I enjoyed learning how the site is organized and how the topics are chosen.  I feel like I understand the inner workings of Wonderopolis.

I enjoyed finally meeting my new friends that I have been emailing and tweeting for the past few months.  Like Mr. Fines (who I now know as Jon), Mwedwards  (who I now know as Melissa) and dbates (who I now know as  Dorene) We had some great conversations about integrating technology into the classroom.  It was really interesting because even though we are states apart-many of the success stories and concerns were very similar. These are some of the WONDERful ideas:

*Allow students the opportunity to learn about many different technology tools, programs and apps.
*When they use the tools, the focus is about the learning and the application to the class work.
*The technology tool should be used as easily as a pencil-not a big event when using the tool.

Today I had the opportunity to hear Bruce Feiler speak about his life as well as his new book: The Council of Dads.  I could not type quick enough with all of his insightful life strategies.  Here are just some of them,  I was given his book as a gift thanks to Wonderopolis and I can't wait to begin reading it.

*Be a traveler in life not a tourist
*Families can scare away monsters in your child's dream
*Design the road map for your life dreams
*See the world in color not black and white
*Harvest your dreams
*Everybody will die but not everybody lives.

I will ponder these quotes long after the NCFL convention as well as reflect on our presentation for Wonderopolis.  Today I did two things I have never done before:  presented at a national conference and had my makeup done for a videotaping.  My whole convention has been WONDERopolis!!!


  1. Your day to day work does not make you inexperienced in what you are teaching. I bet Wonderopolis was thrilled to meet you in person. I'm so glad you enjoyed this journey.

  2. How exciting. So glad you are such a WONDERFUL time. Soak up every minute of it.