Saturday, April 9, 2011

March App of the Month: Just Fractions

the ? means the student can tap that button
to get a definition
I am so happy that a math app won for March because I typically focus on literacy.  This app gives students fraction problems to solve involving all four operations. They also get to reduce fractions to lowest terms. In addition, they will need to find the least common denominator if needed for addition or subtraction.  There is a "show me" button that will give step by step details to help if needed. I like this part of it especially since the students get to choose the "show me" button only if they want to otherwise they will solve the problem on their own.  

Student comments:
*helped me with reviewing fraction vocabulary
*it is fun to create your own fractions and write a problem then solve it
*I learned some new vocabulary that I did not learn in class.
*tests are fun to practice against always trying to get a better score

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