Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Modeling Wonder Pages for Research

Modeling lessons this year has been one of the most important changes that I have made in my teaching.  My modeling of lessons is not only in reading and writing workshop but also science/social studies. The students will begin today organizing their research onto their own WONDER page modeled after Wonderopolis.  I was showing my class this example and  how you can take 2 different points of view and weave them into a page that allows the reader to think about the question: Analyze which is better for pandas: zoos or their own ecosystem?  Many students commented that this helped them present their research in a different way.  Not just a list of facts, a written paragraph or bullet points-all of these are ways that my class in the past has presented their research. One important goal is to not only present the research/facts but also their thinking that supports the higher level bloom's verbs.  In addition to the wonder pages they are creating the students will be adding video links (San Diego Zoo) graphics, pictures etc. to support the text.  I am excited to see how their wonder pages turn out-more importantly how they use WONDEROPOLIS to model their own pages.  It is going to be exciting two weeks in our class.

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