Monday, September 19, 2011

Extending Summer into New Technology Goals

This summer was amazing for my own professional development, and I am hanging on to those summer conversations.  I have set some BIG goals for this year's class with technology and pushing the 21 Century skills:  collaboration, creativity, communication and research.
*Extend the day through the use of technology (Class Blog)
*Expand students' learning with instant conversations (Evernote)
*Change my record keeping system to digital (Evernote)
*Continued focus on expanding Wonderopolis into all parts of our day

All teachers try to figure out the time aspect in their classrooms-we are constantly making choices and often having to complete the "requirements."  I believe strongly that I need to set goals for myself perhaps as important as setting goals for my students.  I started one year ago jumping into technology, and I am thrilled to start this school year - a little smarter but better yet with bigger goals.  So here we go.........

This past week Mr. Mark and I introduced my class to our class blog which students can access from my teacher web page. I chose this goal to work on first because I am excited how I will be able extend our school day into the students' homework. I am just beginning to learn about the "flip classroom" and I am very interested in that concept.  I plan on uploading a video that connects to a content area (first video is about building milk carton boats for science) and the students will watch the video at home and leave a comment on a focused question that I have posted. My goal is to use the video several times with a different focus questions not only teaching the students that they can learn different concepts from one video but also begin to talk about perspective as well as view points. I am very excited to bring the 21 Century skills into the students lives at home and then connect back to our classroom.

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