Thursday, December 1, 2011

One Stop Clicking

During this busy time of year not only am I trying to do some of my shopping on line, but I am also trying to enhance my social studies unit on Native Americans. My goal is to integrate 21 Century skills along with extending the school day for my students.  This was easy for me--one stop shopping:  Wonderopolis. Let me show you, it's as easy as 1-2-3.

#1 Go the website and click on the Wonder of the Day

#2 Type in the right hand corner your topic in the box that says "search" From that you will get a list of Wonders that has something to do with your topic. For my topic, there were 9 Wonders that I can preview and choose which is most appropriate for my 5th grade indicators. 

#3 Book mark the wonders and watch your students get excited about the Wonder. 

The best success I have had with my class is to preview/hook the Wonder at school. This would include:  students making a prediction, watching the video and writing down new facts, and previewing the vocabulary list along with the links. Sometimes I give them 1-2 focus questions for their HW, and they go home to read the wonder, "play" with the links and focus on the specific assignment. However this time I asked them to leave a STRONG comment just read below everything they learned.  One stop clicking -priceless!

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  1. Every Friday this year I have been able to find a Wonder of the Day that directly correlates to one of our standards that we are working on that week. From the Great Lakes, to idioms, to glaciers/icebergs, to how popcorn pops (reactions)...there is always one! I can always find one on questions from curiosity...we read Twenty-One Elephants and some of the students wondered about how bridges were made. Yep! There was one for that too! What a valuable resource that is always one click away!!!! :)