Saturday, December 3, 2011

Meeting My Students Right There

I am so thankful when I have a Saturday morning that I can just live on my computer.  During the school week, I try hard to keep up with my twitter and blog feeds but this year honestly it has been difficult.  I read my favorites, but I don't always have time to read everything that "perks" my interest.  Today was one of those mornings, I read this entry off a twitter feed "Cheating the Gifted" I don't agree with most of the article from this site however it did make me stop, think and reflect.  Not about gifted students and not about average students and not about special education students but about students.  The 23 students in my class this year-the 23 students that I am lucky enough to spend 6 1/2 hours a day with although not 6 1/2 hours teaching which is another whole blog post.  The 23 students who I want to teach about how a book can take them anywhere when you are having a bad day. I want them to think about how to do a science experiment differently so that they can learn about variables.   I want my students to learn that a writer's notebook is something treasured that can hold all of their personal thoughts and will never be graded. I want them to learn in math how to solve a problem 3 different ways and not just how to get the correct answer for our state test in May. In addition,  I want them to learn how to be problem solvers, high level thinkers and collaborators where their ideas and dreams matter and are valued.  Sometimes I just need to stop and realize why I am teaching----it's all about my students and where ever they fall on the spectrum of learning--- I will meet them right there.


  1. Interesting that you thought today. Last night I went to bed with "something" bothering but I really couldn't put my finger on it. This morning I realized I spent my week with my students focused on tasks that "had" be accomplished and teaching I "had" to do. Instead, I wished I "had" thought more about what I wanted them to learn. Each week I try to think about "my high and my low" and how I can change my low. I found my low. My high, the simple joy of sharing knock knock jokes with a few girls from my class and deciding whether or not we could make new, better jokes than anyone else. It really was about meeting them "right there". Thanks Maria!

  2. Just one of the reasons I appreciate you so much as a friend. You always meet me where I am. Some days that is a lot harder than others. I wish more people took their jobs as seriously as you do. Looking forward to getting to spend some time together over the Christmas break.

  3. Maria, what a great post. I worry all the time about whether I am meeting the needs of all of my students. I wonder if I am meeting them where they are. I wonder if I am taking them where they need to go. Learning is a journey. It is a wonderful morning when we have time to read, reflect and consider new paths in that journey.


  4. Thanks everyone for your reflections as well as your thoughts. Blogging and comments really have helped me to become more reflective as well as knowing there is a community of teachers/friends who are in the same thought patterns as me. Makes a huge difference to me!!