Thursday, December 8, 2011

You Have to Laugh!

Some days as teachers you just have to sit down or stand up and laugh at yourself.  Today was the day!  I officially "lost it" during math class.  We are in the middle of our hardest math unit for the whole year-every year I know this is going to one of the most difficult days in math.  The focus of the lesson was teaching 5th graders to measure and draw angles using protractors. This is where the humor comes into play.  (At least I hope you see the humor)  Every year I give the OAA 5th grade math test, every year the state requires us to use a certain size protractors, so of course we use those golden protractors to teach the lesson.  I passed out the golden protractors on Monday and told my class do not lose your protractor-begged them to not leave them at home also.  Well today, three students forgot their protractors so I had to give them another one out of the golden bag of protractors. In order to remember to get them back, I collected a shoe/boot for the math class.  Before my students left for specials, I got back their golden protractor back, and they got their shoe/boot.  Alright I officially lost it but on a side note the kids LOVED giving me their shoe.  Maybe I will have 16 shoes tomorrow :)


  1. Makes me think of my 5th grade teacher! If we had to borrow a pencil from her during the day she made us leave a shoe :) Love your spontaneity!

  2. I use this all the time with my 7th graders. They are forever needing a pen/pencil and their shoes are usually their most prized possessions!