Saturday, January 28, 2012

Better than Bread Pudding!

I bet I have your attention--- I like chocolate, ice cream, and pie but I LOVE bread pudding.  Here is the part that is crazy I don't know how to make bread pudding, my mom never made bread pudding, but I love to treat myself when we go out to eat.  What does bread pudding have to do with Wonderopolis?  I always look forward to Wonder Wednesday and sharing the conversations with my students about the daily wonder.  The delicious part for me is when my students make connections with Wonderopolis beyond the classroom and extend to home.  I encouraged my class to try and connect their persuasive topics to a wonder of the day and use those facts in their research.

As I read McKenna's rough draft I was so impressed with her research along with her connections to the wonder. When I conferenced with her, I asked her where she found a few of her facts.  She told me the links on Wonderopolis helped her and I said that is exciting. But the bread pudding was when she told me it wasn't the links in the wonder but the links in the reply from Wonderopolis.  So if you haven't shared with your class the Wonder of the Day-I think you should. You will get your bread pudding.

PS. If you live in Ohio and near Cap City Diner they have the BEST bread pudding in the world!  Just look--


  1. GREAT post . . . you hooked me with the title . . . and now I'm wondering "with or without raisins?" Thanks for the tip on a new diner for if I'm ever in Ohio!

    Sending Saturday smiles,


  2. I LOVE bread pudding! I grew up making all kinds of pudding with my Grandma on our almost always Sunday visits. Cap City's bread pudding sounds yummy and fancy. I'm not a big fan of Chocolate at all and never thought about using another phrase. I'm going to borrow "Better than Bread Pudding and try Better than Tapicoa Pudding!" Another Mandy favorite and Grandma taught how to make the best. Maybe we will have to gather this summer for a pudding/PD combo.

  3. Thanks for your comments. Barbara I love raisins and would enjoy going to Cap City if near there. Mandy I would love to get together this summer and share some recipes. I also love tapioca pudding.