Saturday, January 14, 2012

Wonderopolis is Mentor Text Heaven!

Have you ever experienced a moment when the lightbulb goes off and you say out loud, "How come I didn't think of that sooner?" and no one is in the room.  Well that moment happens to me often and yes I must confess I do occasionally talk out loud especially when driving to school in the morning thinking about my day ahead.  

I assigned WONDER homework as I typically do on Wednesdays so that my students could connect persuasive writing with What Does It Mean To Stand Up for Something?  We had looked at this wonder previously because I purchased the book Alex and the Amazing Lemonade Stand after watching the video in the wonder.  If you don't do anything else with this blog post, please watch the video from the link above-powerful!

This was their final part of the lesson for persuasive writing. Their HW was to read the wonder and leave a comment answering 3 questions.  How did the wonder persuade you to take a stand?  What was the strongest part of the wonder? What is your HOT topic?  As I read their comments which are all posted in the link above.  Again my class blew me out of the water.  I was so impressed with their thinking, connections with past lessons from class and YES they did connect the persuasive writing strategies with the wonder. Which brings me back to the light bulb.

Wonderopolis is a wealth of mentor texts-perfect for any non fiction writing piece. Not only can the wonder hook your students, allow them to extend their learning at home but also as the teacher you can use the text for teaching strong writing. Why had I never thought of that before?  In addition, I was so excited about how my students chose a wide variety of HOT topics that I created this wordle .  



  1. I'd missed the wonder about taking a stand and can't wait to share it with our 4th graders this week. Thanks! So many wonders up by now that I have forgotten about and missed several so thanks for this!

  2. I love reading your blog! Your posts always make me think and add something new to my teaching wonders. The enthusiasm boost is also a "just right" addition to my day! See you soon.

  3. I just love the way you use Wonderopolis with your 5th graders. Such a great hook, and so seamless.

  4. Love the way you use Wonderopolis with your 5th graders. Such great ideas to share with my colleagues.

  5. Thanks Franki, Andrea, and Jon for your comments. All three of you have been instrumental in my blogging. I am thankful that my blogs reminds you of all the amazing wonders as well as how easy it is to use Wonderopolis in your classroom. Keep spreading the WONDERS!

  6. Maria,
    What are the "HOT topics" that you talk about here as you explain them to your kids? Just something they care about?? Like Global Warming, etc.? Thanks!

  7. Yes a "hot topic" is when my students chose their research topic that was exciting or something they care about deeply and wanted to learn more about through more reading.

  8. Maria,
    Thank you very much for sharing @ Wonderopolis. Can't wait to try it our as a Library Media Specialist.